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Regardless of whether you are a newcomer to the stock market and want to add your first stocks to a sample portfolio or an advanced private investor and want to analyze your stocks and find new stock ideas. The StocksGuide offers you valuable support to beat the index in the long term and build up a fortune.

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Stocks at a glance

For all 6,950 stocks from our global stock universe, you can see everything you need to know on a single page: real-time prices, charts, key figures, company profile, news, and much more. - and all completely free of annoying advertising.

Apple stock being analyzed according to the High-Growth-Investing Strategy.
The Apple stock in the dividend analysis.
Dividend strategy book: Stay cool and collect dividends
E-book on the High-Growth-Investing Strategy: The basics of High-Growth-Investing
Book on the Levermann strategy: The relaxed path to wealth

Investment strategies

Successful investors differ from others in that they pursue a clear investment strategy with their stocks. We show you how you can easily use their tried-and-tested performance indicator systems for your own stock picking.

Top scorer

StocksGuide analyzes 6,950 global stocks according to the key performance indicator systems for the Levermann, High Growth Investing and Dividend strategies. You can find the most interesting stocks in our Top Scorer Lists.

The best dividend stocks in the dividend Top Scorer list
The best Levermann Stocks in the Levermann Top Scorer List
The best growth stocks in the High Growth Investing Top Scorer List
Find the best stocks with the %{tenant} stock screener.
Find the best stocks with the %{tenant} stock screener on your smartphone.

Stock Screener

With the StocksGuide Stock Screener, you can find the best stocks from 6,950 to beat the index in the long term and build up a fortune. It's quick and easy. Compare stocks using different investment strategies and scores and identify new investments. Use as many filters as you like and get a clear table with the best stocks.


Take your stock analysis to a new level with our charts. You can view approx. 40 historical key figures for 6,950 stocks. You can also compare several stocks directly in a single chart (e.g. price, valuation, growth, etc.). This opens up completely new possibilities for analysis.

Simply compare shares and key figures.
Simply compare shares and key figures.
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Price targets & analyst estimates

Would you like to know how analysts assess the future of a stock? With StocksGuide you get a well-founded overview: From price targets to sales and margin forecasts to other relevant key figures, all presented in a precise and understandable way.

Equity research

Attractive key metrics for stocks are not synonymous with a good investment. But good key figures are a perfect start for further stock analyses.
Every week, our editorial team takes a close look at at least one Top Scorer for you.

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With StocksGuide alerts you will never miss a buy or sell moment again. Activate alerts on the stock price, dividend yield, valuation (e.g. P/E ratio or EV/sales) or strategy scores and sit back and relax. You will be notified automatically as soon as your set limit is reached.

StocksGuide Create alarm
Alarm overview of active and triggered alarms
The best dividend stocks USA
The best dividend stocks in Germany

Dividend needle

The search for the best dividend stocks is tedious. With the Dividendenadel tables, it's easier than ever before! You can find the annual dividend needle lists compiled by the well-known dividend investor and bestselling author Christian W. Röhl updated daily in the StocksGuide! You can also use your own filters to find the best dividend stocks.

News Aggregator

Are you also constantly on the lookout for relevant news about "your" stocks? We take on this time-consuming task for you and compile all the important news from more than 50 stock market portals and information sources for you.

All news on stocks from your watchlist
All news per stock at a glance
All shares in the model portfolio at a glance.
All shares on the watchlist at a glance.

Portfolios & Watchlist

You can easily track the performance of your stocks in several portfolios and watchlists. With real-time prices (also over-the-counter) and strategy analyses of your portfolios, you can always keep an eye on the development of the key figures and receive all the news relevant to you on one page.

Morning Briefing

It's even more convenient with our personalized e-mail notification. If you wish, we can send you an e-mail every morning in time for breakfast containing all the relevant stock news and score changes for your model portfolio or watchlist.

All the news on stocks from your watchlist or sample portfolio by e-mail every morning
Receive all the news about stocks from your watchlist or model portfolio by e-mail on your smartphone every morning
DAX with real-time prices at a glance
DAX valued daily according to P/E ratio, P/S ratio and more.

Find cheap stocks

Want to know which Stocks are currently on special offer? In our valuation view, you can see at a glance how expensive or cheap your stocks are in a historical comparison. This is measured by price, P/E ratio or EV/FCF, P/S ratio or EV/Sales.

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StocksGuide is the ultimate tool for easily finding, analyzing and tracking stocks. Learn from successful investors and make informed investment decisions. We empower you to become a confident, independent investor.

The Apple stock at a glance with charts, current key metrics, news and stock analyses.
The Best Dividend Stocks in the Dividend Top Scorer list.
Stock Analyses of the Best Stocks Worldwide.
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