L&S, Jul 19, 10:55 pm CET

UPS (United Parcel Service) Stock price

+10.98 8.18% 1M
-11.71 7.46% 6M
-12.05 7.66% YTD
-40.84 21.95% 1Y
-66.23 31.33% 3Y
+41.87 40.53% 5Y
+41.12 39.52% 10Y
NYSE, Closing price Fri, Jul 19 2024
+0.42 0.29%

Key metrics

Market capitalization $124.21b
Enterprise Value $144.12b
PER (TTM) P/E ratio 21.04
EV/Sales (TTM) EV/Sales 1.61
P/S ratio (TTM) P/S ratio 1.39
P/B ratio (TTM) P/B ratio 7.34
Dividend yield 4.46%
Last dividend (FY23) $6.48
Revenue growth (TTM) Revenue growth -9.13%
Revenue (TTM) Revenue $89.55b
EBIT (operating result TTM) EBIT $8.66b
Free Cash Flow (TTM) Free Cash Flow $5.61b
Cash position $4.51b
EPS (TTM) EPS $6.90
P/E forward 18.01
P/S forward 1.34
EV/Sales forward 1.55
Short interest 1.99%
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UPS (United Parcel Service) Stock Analysis

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Analyst Opinions

31 Analysts have issued a UPS (United Parcel Service) forecast:

13x Buy
16x Hold
2x Sell

Analyst Opinions

31 Analysts have issued a UPS (United Parcel Service) forecast:


Financial data from UPS (United Parcel Service)

Income Statement P&L | Balance Sheet | Cash Flow

Quarter TTM Annually
Mar '24
89,553 89,553
9% 9%
- Direct Costs 73,026 73,026
6% 6%
16,527 16,527
19% 19%
- Selling and Administrative Expenses 4,438 4,438
13% 13%
- Research and Development Expense - -
12,089 12,089
22% 22%
- Depreciation and Amortization 3,430 3,430
5% 5%
EBIT (Operating Income) EBIT 8,659 8,659
29% 29%
Net Profit 5,926 5,926
45% 45%

In millions USD.

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UPS (United Parcel Service) Stock News

Market Watch
about 13 hours ago
Second-quarter earnings reporting season is heating up, with much of the action likely hitting markets on Tuesday, when both electric-vehicle maker Tesla Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc. — two Magnificent Seven companies whose stocks are headed in opposite directions — report quarterly results.
Seeking Alpha
one day ago
We present a diversified yet simple portfolio of 6 stocks and one ETF with nearly 4% dividend yield. The portfolio has been designed for retirees and income investors whose needs are generally met with a 4% income yield. This portfolio is not meant for high-income investors. We believe the portfolio presented will likely provide market-matching total returns and at least 6% dividend growth over...
2 days ago
Both UPS and FedEx told their customers Friday (July 19) that package deliveries may be delayed due to the global Microsoft outage that began late Thursday (July 18). “A third-party software outage is impacting some UPS computer systems,” UPS said in a service alert on its website.
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Company Profile

United Parcel Service, Inc. operates as a logistics and package delivery company providing supply chain management services. Its logistics services include transportation, distribution, contract logistics, ground freight, ocean freight, air freight, customs brokerage, insurance, and financing. The company operates through the following segments: U.S. Domestic Package, International Package, and Supply Chain and Freight. The U.S. Domestic Package segment offers a full spectrum of U.S. domestic guaranteed ground and air package transportation services. The International Package segment includes small package operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada and Latin America, Indian sub-continent, and the Middle East and Africa. The Supply Chain and Freight segment offers transportation, distribution, and international trade and brokerage services. The company was founded by James E. Casey and Claude Ryan on August 28, 1907 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Head office United States
CEO Carol Tomé
Employees 500,000
Founded 1907
Website www.ups.com

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